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It’s a very natural thing to get worried about your perfect appearance and when it’s about your face it does lack your confidence. The nose plays an important role in facial features and is the center of attraction. At New U Med Spa located in Orlando Florida a minimally invasive liquid nose job is offered by Dr. J MD. Non-surgical rhinoplasty or Liquid rhinoplasty is the best solution for reshaping the nose. This procedure is performed by using dermal fillers for contouring and giving a more defined shape to the nose.

Who is Dr. J MD? Dr. J MD is a professional physician who has American Board Certification, he is also recognized by ISSCA, ACCMA, and CMA. Dr. J MD’s specialty is cosmetics and aesthetics. Dr. J MD has spent years in the field of medicine. Dr. J MD is part of a family that had all the medical professionals and that’s what gave him the inspiration to become a doctor. From his early childhood, Dr. J MD had got artistic skills, he had magical fingers so he choose to become an expert in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine and procedures. Dr. J MD has been practicing for the last two decades and during the last ten years he has done a lot of research in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic medicine and procedures.

Dr. J MD has many memberships in different medical societies the American Society of Liposuction Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and many more. Dr. J MD received affiliation from some well-known hospitals as well. Also, at American Cellular Medicine he is entitled as a teacher, he is a great mentor who is concerned about his mentees.

Regenerative medicine, both men’s and women’s sexual wellness, hair restoration and transplantation, body sculpting procedures, etc are Dr. J MD’s specialty. Dr. J MD is always researching the newly introduced techniques and implementing them at his clinic to get the finest results and satisfaction for his patients. Dr. J MD has designed several instant treatments that are minimally invasive and does not require any downtime.

When talking about nose reshaping our talented Dr. J MD has come up with an instant solution for the problem. Now you don’t have to go through plastic surgery to reshape your nose because there is a procedure that is non-surgical and is performed in 10 minutes only. This is a risk-free and reversible procedure. Yes at New U Med Spa Dr. J MD is giving this opportunity to his patients to have this 10minutes NoseReshaping™ and if you are not satisfied with the results you can ask to reverse the treatment.

The nose reshaping procedure is done with the use of dermal fillers, a tiny amount of these fillers are injected by microneedles and this procedure should be performed by a highly skilled professional, that’s why people all around Florida trust Dr. J MD for this procedure.

Dr. J MD is a professional who takes every individual who steps into his office as a great priority, he personally attends to his patients and listens to their issues. Dr. J MD is a faithful person whom you can rely on to get the best treatment plan for any aesthetic problem you need to resolve. Dr. J MD has a team of trained individuals who are all well aware of the usage of modern techniques and equipment.

So! Do you think your nose needs to be sharper, or the bridge of the nose should be more prominent, or your fleshy nose become straight just call New U Med Spa to book an appointment and have your nose reshaped before the next friends’ meetup.

10 Minutes Nosereshaping Logo
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